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Large Turner’s Cube with base


A turner’s cube is a great addition to any desk. Includes a matching base to display your cube.

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Product Description

A turner’s cube was a traditional exercise given to a new machinist. It requires careful setup and precision boring to execute successfully.

I made the one shown here on a milling machine I converted to full CNC control. It is made from a solid billet of aluminum initially weighing over two and a half pounds. After removing about two pounds in a process of subtractive machining this gorgeous object emerges. This one also includes a custom made base for displaying your turner’s cube. The bottom of the base is covered in felt to protect whatever surface you choose to put it on.

The cube measures approximately 3″ on a side and weighs just about 11 ounces.

If you lay it on your desk I guarantee it will be picked up and generate many questions.


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